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Sherlock watched John sleep, his eyes wondering over John's face. He was so peaceful when he slept. It made Sherlock want to watch him sleep all day.

But, of course, that was never going to happen. Sherlock huffed angrily as someone banged on the door downstairs. He longed to yell at them to shut UP, but he didn't want to wake John.

Trying to soothe himself, he reached out and traced the lines of John's face. John smiled slightly in his sleep and nuzzled into Sherlock's hand.

Oh, how completely amazing John was. He seemed to be such a simple person, yet he never stopped surprising Sherlock. Like how easily he accepted Sherlock's feelings.

Or how he kissed Sherlock.

Or came up with a nickname that he didn't hate…

John was such a mystery.

His mystery.

A soft smile drifted across his lips and he leant forward, placing a kiss on John's forehead. He lingered there for a while, until the banging on the door got to infuriating.

Wrapping himself in a sheet tightly, he marched downstairs, fury radiating off of him.

He opened the door and glared at the girl at the door. She was very peculiar. She had a ratty baseball cap pulled down over her face, baggy pants that had many rips and holes, and an equally ratty long sleeved t-shirt which was the same black as her pants.

"What do you want?" Sherlock asked curtly, not really in the mood. All he wanted to be doing right now was watching John sleep.

"Where's John Watson?" She asked gruffly, not looking at Sherlock.

"He's … indisposed at the moment. Who are you?"

The girl looked Sherlock up and down smirked. "So I WAS right," she muttered under her breath.

Sherlock frowned, trying to deduce what he could about this girl. She was around 25, clearly didn't have a job and was looking to John for help. Other than that, he couldn't find anything about why she was going to John or who she was to him.

"Tell him…" the girl paused, then smirked at Sherlock, "that his beloved wants to see him as soon as possible."

Then she turned and stalked away, chuckling lightly to herself.

His beloved? Sherlock was seriously confused, and, if he was willing to admit to himself, a teensy bit jealous.

Sherlock stomped back inside, slamming the door, and back upstairs, into John's room. He flopped face-first beside John.

He turned his head and faced John, scanning over his eyes over John's sweet face. Nothing had changed since he left. His eyes were still closed, his whole face completely relaxed.

Sighing, Sherlock allowed his eyes to drift close, the image behind his eyelids the face of his dear Watson.


Sherlock slowly opened his eyes when he felt a hand gently running through his hair. John was staring at him, his eyes soft with love so clear it took Sherlock's breath away.

"Good morning, my Doctor," Sherlock whispered softly, leaning into John's hand which was caressing his cheek.

John blinked, startled for a second by the new nickname, but then smiled. He leant in and gently pressed his lips to Sherlock's.

Sherlock basked in the pure bliss that always came with John's kisses. Then, unbidden, the women at the door popped into his head.

Reluctant to end the kiss, yet desperate to know who this women was, Sherlock pulled away. John looked confused, he had felt how reluctant Sherlock was to pull away.

"A woman visited this morning," Sherlock began, and John's eyebrows furrowed as he wondered where this was going. "She told me to tell you that 'his beloved wants to see him as soon as possible'."

John continued to look confused for a moment longer, before his eyes began to twinkle merrily and he started laughing. Sherlock watched, confused and jealous.

When John finally recovered from his laughing fit, he rested his forehead against Sherlock's smirking. "Jealous, Sher?" he teased, still chuckling slightly.

"Of course not!" Sherlock denied immediately with a scoff.

John's smile didn't falter.

"Who was she?" Sherlock asked, unable to take it any longer.

"That was my sister, Harry. I can't believe she did that! Next time I see her I have to give her a high five…" John said, watching Sherlock's expression turned relieved.

John chuckled and kissed Sherlock again, deeper and more passionate this time. Sherlock's eyes fluttered closed, a warm feeling gathering in his stomach.

Sherlock nibbled lightly on John's lower lip, receiving a low moan from the other man. Sherlock enjoyed it when he got reactions out of John; it pleased him immensely.

Sherlock pulled back slightly, know John was getting out of breath, and planted little kisses over John's face. Then, he planted kisses down John's neck, knowing that it made John at his mercy every time.

Just as expected, John released a shaky moan, gripping tightly onto Sherlock and tilting his head to give him better access. Sherlock smirked, latching on to a bit of John's neck and sucking it into his mouth. Even though John complained about it, Sherlock knew John found it immensely pleasing.

John gasped, and then groaned and slipped a hand into Sherlock's hair when Sherlock gently scraped his teeth down John's neck.

Shuddering, John pulled Sherlock's face up and kissed him.

Sherlock ran his fingers through John's short, blonde hair, smiling at the effect he had on his Doctor.

Pulling away, Sherlock pressed a kiss to his Doctor's nose, and then pressing their foreheads together as they slowly calmed down.

"Sher?" John asked quietly after a short silence.


"I love you."

That brought a smile to Sherlock's face. "I love you too, my dear John."


Sherlock watched John as he read his book, running his fingers through Sherlock's hair. How did John even know that he liked it when John did that? It made him feel wanted, and … safe. It was a strange experience for someone how was told often that he had no heart.

Sherlock rolled over onto his side, his nose gently touching John's creamy jumper. John's hand stilled as he waited for Sherlock to get comfortable. Ah, how kind John was. He was the only man who could actually put up with Sherlock and not have run screaming in the other direction by now.

Sherlock opened his mouth slightly and inhaled the deliciously comforting scent of John. His John. The thought made a small smile creep over his face.

He glanced up at John, wondering if he should…

Deciding it would be nice to know what would happen if he did, Sherlock gently slipped a hand under John's jumper and shirt.

John froze, quickly inhaling sharply as soon as Sherlock's hand came into contact with John's warm, smooth skin.

John's hand in Sherlock's hair tightened, and Sherlock looked up to see John with his eyes tightly closed, breathing deeply as he tried to get in control. Hmm, this could be a very interesting experiment, Sherlock thought.

Watching John's reaction, he gently moved his hand up, caressing John's muscles. All his army training had gotten John a very fit and muscled body…

John tipped his head back so that it rested on the couch, biting his lip. Grinning, Sherlock tried the opposite way.

Making his way down, Sherlock slipped his hand into John's pants. John shuddered.

When Sherlock's long, pale fingers touched the growing bulge in John's underwear, John suddenly jumped into action. He sat up fully, dropping his book, and rolled them over until Sherlock was pinned beneath him.

He grabbed Sherlock's arms and pinned them to the couch, his pupils dilating with lust. Sherlock shivered slightly, being completely at John's mercy was, astoundingly, extremely arousing.

John leaned down slowly, and captured Sherlock's lips. John's tongue plunged into Sherlock's mouth and Sherlock relaxed into the kiss.

The word 'home' floated through his mind. It startled him, before he realised that it was true.

John was his home. Not this flat. He always had been, and he always will be.
GAH! So sorry for the late upload! I got writers block and this took ages to write! I hope Sherlock's POV made up for the wait!

Please comment and tell me what you think~ All comments are cherished~!

BBC SHerlock Holmes is not mine~
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Insanitylover213 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I just got into this fanfic and it just leaves me breathless 
Jayfeathe-r Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
Thanks :) This is personally one of my worst johnlock fics, and if you love this, you should go explore my and search for me (Wolf_dog) and you'll find all my fics :)
Insanitylover213 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
What? I love this fanfic how can you say it your worst?????? I love this so much and you find it to be cute (maybe a bit more nsfw) Taiga Aisaka (Melt) [V1] pikachu Rup cheeks plz 
Sherlockwho402 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013
I've read this story about 10 times. Always good never boring. :) Personally i love it! <3
scarlet666 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
At first I didn't think I'd like this story but I have quickly fell in love with it. The way you tell it is amazing and its easy to visualize everything that's going on. Wonderfully written and hard to put down once you start.
AsukaVoltaire Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
This story is awesome! Discovered it last night and read up to page seven then as soon as i got up I was like "time to go continue!"
WrittenWroteWrite Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Veritytruth Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012
good job haha glad you gt over your writers block :)
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